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Mod Application Template

on Sun May 07, 2017 3:59 pm
Mod Application Template
When applying for staff we want you to try as hard as you can

Being a Mod on a server takes loyalty and respect. We want you to only apply if you feel you can do well in our community. The template below will have some helpful tips on how to make your application as best as it can be. Please make sure you leave spaces between each question because It will be hard to read otherwise. If a question has a * it means you must answer the question.

Before getting started we have some requirements before becoming Mod on our server:
• Must be at least 13 years of age
• Must have at least 24 hours on the server
• Must follow higher staffs orders
• Must be consistently active on Discord, Gmod and forums
• Must accept peoples opinions about your application
• Must be able to control your emotions
• Must follow rules and enforce them
• Must not abuse your powers

If you don't follow these requirements you will be declined or demoted


1) *Steam Name: ( Type your Steam Name here make sure it correct )
2) *Steam ID: ( Type your Steam ID here make sure its correct, you can find it here: https://steamid.xyz/ )
3) *Age: ( Type how long you currently are )
4) Gender: (Optional: Put whether your male, female or other)
5) *Time on the server: ( Please put the exact time of how long you have played, you can see this by looking at the Utime in blue on your screen)
6) *Do you have a mic: ( State if you have a microphone)
7) *Have you donated: ( Whether you have donated or not )
9) *Have you been staff before: ( If you haven't simply state no and why, if you have then say what servers you have been staff on and what you did to get there )
10) *Why do you wanna be staff: ( In this question you can say I want to be staff because.... I also like this... because... make sure you write at least 100 words )
11) * Have applied on the server before: ( If you have state why you were denied before and how you have fixed that issue )
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